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– So, we’re back with another IELTS speaking tip for you. Today the tip is learn to use a range of functional language. Now, this probably applies most to part 3 of the speaking test but also it applies to part 1 and part 2 but really more part 3. You’ve got to think about the kind of things you’ll have to talk about in the test.

For instance, in part 3 you’re asked to give your opinion on things so it’s really important that you learn a wide range of ways to give your opinion. Now I know a lot of students maybe they like to say “I think…” and then give their opinion.

Now, it’s great to do this but only give this answer once. They’re going to ask you probably about 9 or ten question in speaking part 3, so you’ve got to make sure that you’ve got different ways to give your opinion. Another popular one would be “In my opinion…”. But there are literally hundreds of ways to give your opinion so it’s important you look into this and find different kinds of opinion language that’s maybe more interesting than “I think” and “in my opinion”. “From my point of view…” maybe that’s a bit more interesting but a bit less common. So we could use this phrase instead.

And again it’s not just opinion language, you’re thinking about language where you need to speculate. Now, as we said before part 3 could be speculating or predicting the future. You’ve got to think about lots of different future expressions that you can use. “In 50 years” or instead of saying “in 50 years”, if he said that in the question, “What do you think your city will be like in 50 years?”, don’t say “in 50 years”.

You’ve got to think of a different expression that has this same function to talk about the future, “in 5 decades”, “in half a century”. So you’ve got different expressions which have exactly the same function and it’s very important to do this this because it shows, and what we talked about before, your lexical resource, your ability to use different kinds of vocabulary and not just copy the language that the examiner is using. So, definitely a very important thing here, learn to use a range of functional language, specifically for different parts of the IELTS speaking test. So there we go, that’s our tip for today.

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