Make eye contact – IELTS speaking Tip


Make eye contact – IELTS speaking Tip

So, we’ve got another tip for you for the IELTS speaking test. The tip for today is to make eye contact. So you’re going to be in a room with the examiner, who’s going to be listening to your answers.

Of course he’s listening to your use of language. You might think body language and eye contact is not important but it is. You have to know how to communicate in that language and part of that is about making eye contact. So when you’re in the room you don’t want to be sitting down and looking on the floor or looking around the room, you want to be looking at the examiner in the eyes when you’re talking to him and when he’s talking to you.

Obviously you can break this eye contact at certain points. If you’re constantly just looking him in the eyes maybe it could make the situation a little bit uncomfortable. But it’s one of the quite important things in the test, is to understand the way we communicate and the use of eye contact.

It’s not one of the four main areas you’re assessed on but it’s something you need to think about, making eye contact.

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