“Speak about what you know and what you think- IELTS speaking tip”


“Speak about what you know and what you think- IELTS speaking tip”

We’ve got another IELTS speaking tip for you. Today the tip is to speak about what you know and what you think. I know I say to students, particularly in part 3 of the speaking test where they’re going to ask you about abstract issues like the environment and education, I often say to my students if you don’t really have any opinion or ideas about this then make them up, you can lie.

They’re not testing your ability to be an honest and good person, they’re testing your English. I’ll often say this, just lie, but I think it’s really important and much better for you to speak about what you know and what you think. The reason for this is because your answer is going to be more sincere, you’re going to use more tone, you voice is going to sound more expressive which shows you know how to use the language more. If it’s really not your opinion or what you know or what you think the sound of what you’re saying will maybe not have the intonation that you would have if you really believe what you’re saying.

Ways to do this is to think about topics that may come up in the IELTS speaking test and we’ve talked about this in previous classes but you need to come up with your own opinions and your own ideas. So do reading about these topics in your spare time and come up with opinions. If you don’t really have much of an idea about the topic the examiner is asking you about then you could just be honest. You could use a phrase like, “I’m not an expert, but..” and then say your honest opinion. You can be honest that you don’t know much about the topic. Say to them, “I don’t really know much about this, but…”, and then you must give some kind of opinion.

So really it’s best to prepare and think about these things before. Don’t prepare or memorize whole answers but think about the topics and maybe create opinions, form opinions about these different topics that are likely to come up. So there we go, make sure, in the test, that you say what you know and what you think.

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