Think about detail – IELTS speaking Tip


Think about detail – IELTS speaking Tip

“Think about detail”

We’re back for another IELTS speaking tip. The tip I have for you today is to think about detail and this covers all three parts of the IELTS speaking test, part 1, part 2 and part 3.

We’ve got to give nice full and extended answers. One way to give a full and extended answer is to think about extra detail you can give that’s still on topic, that’s still talking about what the examiner has asked you to talk about. So if in part 1 they’ve asked about your family, you can give some extra detail, specific detail about your family. If they’ve asked you to talk about your mother then you’re going to describe your mother and maybe talk about extra things that she likes to do in her free time and what her job is. Think about all these extra things that you can talk about.

Again for part 2, maybe they’re going to ask you to describe a place. So you could just give a very short description of a place or you could think about extra detail. Maybe even how that place makes you feel, why you went to that place, how you got to that place. There’s so many different details that you can give that must connect to the topic of the question.

But if we want to give nice extended answers then this is something that’s very important for you guys to do. To think about the detail, the extra information that you can give the examiner to show them your ability to use the English language. So, that’s the tip for today, think about the details you are giving in your answers.

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